You’ve finished the job. It was some of your best work and you’re ready to move on to the next project. You could try and cleanup the mess yourself but you know what that means. The amount of dust to get to in a post-construction project is insurmountable. It can be found in several places including:

  • Lights
  • Inside cracks and crevices in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Air Vents
  • Air Filters
  • Embedded in scratches on walls
  • Window sills
  • And many other locations

I’m sure you’re an expert at construction but are you just as expert at cleaning? Trying to do it yourself could take up valuable time on the next project, and allow for missed areas that the client may see down the road. You know when they’ll find it. When they have to change that filter or lightbulb. Many times they’ll forget your hard work and use the bad cleanup to rate the whole job. Your client’s satisfaction down the road means valuable referrals you can’t just let fly out the window.

So what’s the best use of your efforts at the end of the job? Hire a competent cleaning company that has a process for post-construction cleanup. They should have a proven checklist for post-construction cleanups. You can inspect the checklist and add to it as needed to make sure the cleanup is done thoroughly.

Now when you leave the project there’s no worry that anything was left hidden and unclean. You can have peace of mind that the client will be happy with the results and can confidently refer you to their circle. Even if they found some dust you can default it to an issue with the cleaning company and not your work. You’ll be able to resolve it easily and now the client can think of you as a problem solver, someone they can’t do without on the next construction project. That’s how you complete a construction job right!

About Nadine Brown, CEO of N&R Devine Cleaning:

My focus is providing my clients with luxury cleaning and sanitary environments. N&R Divine Cleaning Services aims to provide services for professional and commercial establishments and businesses in Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties. I aim to achieve client satisfaction by providing affordable rates and quality services. N&R Divine Cleaning Services is an eco-friendly cleaning service which specializes in using natural and organic products

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