Your business is important to you. Having your people in place doing what they need to do to keep the company running makes good sense. You can’t afford to have your employees consistently out sick. You can’t control everything, but you can certainly control the cleanliness of your office space. With proper office cleaning you can keep employee attendance high by maintaining surfaces that are almost virus free. In addition, employee morale will be boosted by working in a clean environment.

To fight potential viruses and low employee turnout, you must ensure that the office is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Any cleaner can do the job, but every cleaner may not do a thorough job, and a thorough cleaning is what you need. Here are five of the most important elements of a thorough office cleaning:

  1. Training

    Were the cleaners trained in cleaning or are they just doing “the best they can do”? How many years have they cleaned offices? Do they clean homes mostly and offices occasionally? It’s important for office cleaners to be specialists in office cleaning. The differences are too significant to take a chance on standard house cleaners.

  2. Products

    Do the cleaners care to understand the products they use? We pride ourselves on having the best eco-friendly, green seal products for use in our work. Some employees are sensitive to harsh chemicals or have allergies that will flare-up from harsh cleaning solutions. Green cleaning solutions are safe, mild and affordable.

  3. Dusting

    The computers at which employees sit get very dusty over time. Beyond cleaning the desk, effective cleaners should make sure the employees’ computers (including monitors and all component parts), windowsills and picture frames are dusted. If the cleaners do not clean the computers, you should ask the folks in your IT department when they last cleaned the computer fans. Just a thorough cleaning of these fans on a regular basis will lengthen the life of your computer electronics.

  4. Disinfection

    Cleaners should make sure that things people touch are disinfected every day. This includes door knobs, banisters, computer keyboards, mice and mice pads.

  5. Kitchen:

    Cleaners should wipe down surfaces and make sure that utensils are cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand. A dishwasher typically uses one gallon of water to do a load of dishes. Washing dishes by hand uses five gallons of water every two minutes. If you’re paying for office water usage, it would be wise to invest in a dishwasher! Microwaves and refrigerators need to be thoroughly emptied and cleaned as well.

Of course a good professional office cleaning company should have a process for removing the trash, recycling, vacuuming (we use HEPA vacuums which remove 99% of airborne particles), sweeping, and thoroughly resupplying and disinfecting rest rooms. By reviewing your cleaning plan and using the list above as a guide, we are sure you will have a cleaning experience  that is beneficial to both your company and your employees.

About Nadine Brown, CEO of N&R Devine Cleaning:

My focus is providing my clients with luxury cleaning and sanitary environments. N&R Divine Cleaning Services aims to provide services for professional and commercial establishments and businesses in Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties. I aim to achieve client satisfaction by providing affordable rates and quality services. N&R Divine Cleaning Services is an eco-friendly cleaning service which specializes in using natural and organic products

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